What is ESP?

ESP stands for Easy, Simple and Painless.

 Easy, Simple and Painless to be a Member

This describe a simple goal we have for all aspects of our organization. We want it to be Easy, Simple and Painless to be a donor, member or workplace. To find out how easy it is to be a members please go to New Member Page. We make it easy for for our donors to give.


Easy Simple and Painless to be a Philanthropist

Workplace giving lets employees have a small amount taken out of each of their paychecks. Over the year this adds up to a significant donation by the end of the year. We also make it easy for them to give to multiple nonprofits. Without workplace giving, employees would have to write multiple checks each month to each nonprofit they want to support.

If your workplace doesn’t offer workplace giving, we have a few ways to donate. You can:

  • Send a check
  • Use automatic PayPal donations
  • Utilize monthly e-checks taken from your bank account
  • Have automatic charges on your credit card.
Easy Simple and Painless to be a Workplace

If you are an employer and want more engaged, happier employees, offer them workplace giving. Give us a call and we can quickly give you the details.