E.S.P. for Employers

If you work in a workplace that does not offer payroll deduction, you are missing out on the easiest, simplest and most painless way to support your favorite nonprofits.
Want to be with the “in crowd”? Talk to your employer and ask that they offer workplace giving via payroll contribution. It is equally ESP (easy, simple and painless) for the employer as it is for the employee. This graphic shows how easy it is for your employer.

Cut Credit Card Processing Fee and Support Montana Shares

Do you own a business and process tons of credit cards? You may be able to cut your processing fees by 12% and have Frontline Processing donate 20% of your processing fee to Montana Shares. That’s right, the 20% comes out of their profit rather than your pocket. Want to find out if Frontline can cut your costs? Go to https://montanashares.paymentportal.us & choose Request Quote. Then upload your current processing statement. They will give you a no obligation analysis. They can save money for businesses that have lots of small transactions or businesses that have fewer larger transaction.