Online Giving Center

So many of our supporters use workplace giving as an easy, simple and painless way to support their favorite nonprofits.

Here are a few options for people that do not have access to workplace giving.

  • Donate with – This is our preferred, and best option, to designate a donation to one or more of our member groups and/or Montana Shares. You can pay with a credit card or e-check, as well as set up recurring monthly donations.Montana Shares Online Giving


IRA RMD Contribution

Can you give money to a charity using your IRA? For individuals 70 1/2 or older – the answer is usually yes. What many retirees don’t know is they can donate all, or a portion of, their required minimum distribution (RMD) directly to charity. It’s called a qualified charitable distribution or QCD. You can also make charitable distributions directly from an IRA before RMDs begin. The Secure Act raised the RMD age for some taxpayers to 72, but didn’t raise the QCD age from 70 1/2. Contact your IRA Administrator for details.


Paper Check

We still take checks, yes, lots of them.

Montana Shares, PO Box 883, Helena, MT 59624

 Donor Advised Funds

Contact your Donor Advised Fund Administrator to donate via your fund.

If you need an electronic copy of our brochure to accompany a paper check or Donor Advised contribution, here is a link.