Workplace is Easy, Simple and Painless for Employers

  • Step One – Set up Liability Account in accounting software to hold the money your deduct from employee paycheck. This takes about 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Step Two – Set up the withholding in each employee record. This is a onetime event for the year. This probably takes 5 minutes for the first one and 3 minutes each for the subsequent employees.
  • Step Three – Have money come out each paycheck automatically. 0 minutes.
  • Step Four – Each pay period, month or quarter, write a check to Montana Shares to clear out the liability account. – 3 or 5 minutes.
  • Step Five – Rinse and repeat through the year.



 2023/2024 What a pledge can buy

The following are suggestions on how your donation might be used by Shares members.

$1.00 per pay period: ($24 – $26)

> Provides enough food for 3 meals. (MFBN)

> Could buy an emergency grocery gift card for a family in need. (THRV)

$2.00 per pay period: ($48 – $52)

> Pays for one educational mailing on wildlife management, public recreation and access. (MWF)

$3.00 per pay period: ($72 – $78)

> Provides 7 Holter Art Packs for clients at the Friendship Center. (HMA)

$4.00 per pay period: ($96 – $104)

> Buys one pair of Pointe Shoes per Company Dancer, a dancer will go through 3 pairs of Pointe Shoes during one production of the Nutcracker. (QCBC)

$5.00 per pay period: ($120 – $130)

> AERO can provide a scholarship for a young person to attend its annual EXPO. (AERO)

> Ensures access to a food pantry for an LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness in a local drop-in center. (PF)

> Make sure everyone has the chance to experience the joy of a Walk in Montana’s wildest places. (WM)

> Will support Senior Focused Outreach Programs. (FHMFM)

> Background check that helps us ensure we match children with an adult who is prepared for the responsibility (BBBSMT)

>Will provide food for a week-long cottonwood watering trip (FMB)

> Assists in sponsoring a conference for home based early childhood professionals allowing them to expand their knowledge base and network with their peers. (RM)

> Pays for vaccinations for 12 animals in the shelter. (LCHS)

> Helps to purchase a book or dvd on relevant social issues to be made available to the community through our library (JRPC)

$5.75 per pay period: ($138 – $149.50)

> Pays for an annual wellness exam and routine tests to catch cancer early. (BC)

$8.00 per pay period: ($192 – $208)

> Will help cover the cost of boarding and supplies for one service dog. (K9CM)

$9.00 per pay period: ($216 – $234)

> Would spay or neuter 3 dogs or cats. (SM)

> Would pay for one month of radio ads. (MMP)

$10.00 per pay period: ($240 – $260)

> Supports Trumpeter Swan restoration and monitoring efforts in the Madison and Blackfoot Valleys. (MA)

> Would pay for 2-4 Spay/Neuter surgeries (MSNTF)

> Will purchase nearly 450 pounds of food for hungry residents of North Central Montana. (GFCFB)

> Provides a wig for a participant who has lost their hair. (CSCMT)

> Provides required professional apparel or tools such as scrubs or steel toes boots for individuals in career training. (REO)

> Will sponsor a person with a mental illness to attend a legal rights training. (DRM)

> Feeds 3 dogs in the shelter for a month. (HOV)

> Provides an hour per month of advocating for better laws. (BWMT)

> Provides an attorney to guide a domestic violence survivor through an order of protection hearing. (MLSA)

> Supports a headstone preservation workshop in an historic cemetery. (MHF)

> Would sponsor a youth dance contest at the Last Chance Community Pow Wow held annually during the last week in September. (LCCPW)

> Help pay for the cost of having people trained to teach a NAMI education class or facilitate a NAMI support group in their community. (NAMI)

> Would cover the cost of one daily freelance reporting assignment. (MTFP)

> Will support the chance to ride a horse for one cabin of lucky kids! (CMAD)

$12.00 per pay period: ($288 – $312)

> Provides Holter Healing Art Cart supplies for St. Peter’s Health for 3 months. (HMA)

$14.00 per pay period: ($336 – $364)

> Will provide a full scholarship for a child to attend a class or summer camp. (WEL)

$15.00 per pay period: ($360 – $390)

> Will produce multimedia outreach materials for one watershed organization that highlights their conservation impacts to a statewide audience (MWCC)

> Provides one 4th or 5th grade rural classroom monthly virtual classroom visits throughout the school year from a naturalist via online technology through MNHC’s Interactive Distance Nature Learning program. (MNHC)

> Pays the cost for a student at a regional workshop. (MAB)

$20.00 per pay period: ($480 – $520)

> Provides postage for 12 care packages for our deployed troops. (MSM)

$25.00 per pay period: ($600 – $650)

> Will provide funds to help state contest winners to travel to and participate in The National Western Stock Show in Denver each February. (M4HF)

$30.00 per pay period: ($720 – $780)

> Provides foreclosure assistance to help a family keep their home. (NWMT)

$50.00 per pay period: ($1200 – $1300)

> Will purchase one-quarter mile of fencing to protect stream from cattle grazing. (MTU)


Montana Shares Members 2022.2023 Acronym List

AERO                       Alternative Energy Resource Organization
BBBSMT                  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Montana
BWMT                     Bike Walk Montana
BC                             Bridgercare
CMAD                      Camp Mak-A-Dream
CSCMT                     Cancer Support Community Montana
DRM                         Disability Rights Montana
FHMFM                   Friends of the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula
FMB                         Friends of the Missouri Breaks Monument
GFCFB                     Great Falls Community Food Bank
HOV                         Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter
HMA                         Holter Museum of Art
JRPC                        Jeannette Rankin Peace Center
K9CM                       K9 Care Montana
LCCPW                    Last Chance Community Pow Wow
LCHS                        Lewis & Clark Humane Society
M4HF                       Montana 4-H Foundation
MAB                         Montana Association for the Blind
MA                            Montana Audubon
MCAN                      Montana College Attainment Network
MDF                         Montana Discovery Foundation
MFBN                      Montana Food Bank Network
MTFP                       Montana Free Press
MHF                         Montana History Foundation
MLSA                       Montana Legal Services Association
MMP                        Montana Meth Project
MNHC                      Montana Natural History Center
MSNTF                    Montana Spay/Neuter Task Force
MSM                        Montana Supporting Military
MTU                         Montana Trout Unlimited
MWCC                     Montana Watershed Coordination Council
MWF                        Montana Wildlife Federation
NAMI                       NAMI Montana
NWMT                     NeighborWorks Montana
PF                             Pride Foundation
QCBC                       Queen City Ballet Company
RM                            Raise Montana
REO                          Rural Employment Opportunities
SM                            Spay Montana
THRV                       Thrive
WM                          Wild Montana
WEL                         Windhorse Equine Learning
MCIV                        WorldMontana