TO:           Interested Nonprofit

FROM:       Bill Crane, Executive Director, Montana Shares

RE:            Information Regarding Participation in Montana Shares

Thank you for your interest in membership in Montana Shares for your organization. Montana Shares will be accepting applications for our 2024/2025 workplace giving campaign in December of 2023. The application materials are now available. Click here for new member application in Word. Deadlines for applications are March 1, 2024. Please submit your material here.

Montana Shares’ membership structure allows a group to select the way it would like to participate that works best for its organization (staff and board).  Commitments of membership are in the application linked below.

Montana Shares offers unique access to individuals at their workplace.  Most employers only offer charitable giving opportunities to organizations that participate through federations, such as United Way or Montana Shares.  Over 40,000 Montanans are offered Montana Shares giving opportunity in their charitable giving campaigns at their place of employment. These workplaces include state and federal offices; city, county and school districts in the major communities; public and private universities and colleges; hospitals and clinics; for-profit and nonprofit businesses. One application to Montana Shares does it all – we prepare and submit as a group all the applications for our eligible members.

We just closed our 35th campaign year, Montana Shares continues to be successful. We have raised over $7 million for Montana nonprofits in our short history. In our most recently completed campaign conducted in the fall of 2022 (2022/2023 campaign) we raised over $172,000 for the 43 participating members.

Montana Shares is about more than the money – it is also a terrific collaboration to promote the work of our organizations, network with other nonprofits, recruit volunteers and participate in professional trainings and organizational support. We also offer online giving through Montana Shares website. You will have opportunities otherwise unavailable to you to go to workplaces and talk about your organization.

I will be glad to review the application materials and member commitments as well as answer any questions with you and/or your board. We encourage the full understanding and commitment from board and staff for this to be a successful and rewarding collaboration.  To that end I would request that we have a meeting before you start on the application.

We hope you’ll consider this opportunity to promote the important work of your organization and raise some revenues. We look forward to hearing from you. Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email me if I can answer any questions.

Thank you,

Bill Crane
Executive Director
Montana Shares
PO Box 883
Helena, MT 59624

The first 3 links are Microsoft Word Downloads.

Membership Policy

Financial and Compliance Practices checklist

Undesignated Income Policy

Submit your material electronically here.