120 Hickory St, Suite A
Missoula, MT  59801

Montana Natural History Center inspires Montanans to steward our precious natural resources through science and nature education for people of all ages.


The Montana Natural History Center engages people of all ages with science and nature-based education. Over 20 unique programs for children and adults allow participants to think creatively, solve problems and interpret information. The goal is to foster a connection to nature so people will develop a sense of stewardship and appreciation for Montana’s incredible flora, fauna and landscapes for generations to come.

How we help:

A small group of middle school girls took part in the Montana Natural History Center’s STEEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Environment, and Math) program last summer. STEEM provides middle school girls with a professional mentorship opportunity while simultaneously building their confidence and competence in the sciences over the course of three years.

“STEEM has by far been the best program that I have ever taken part in. You can learn about science, but not in a boring textbook or something like that. We actually got to go look at planes, and go experience a wind tunnel. Super hands on stuff. It was the best and most memorable week of the summer for me”
-STEEM participant, age 12