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Holter Museum of Art connects, inspires, and heals our community through the power of art. Thought-provoking exhibitions, expanding partnerships, and innovative social impact programs shape this community-focused, art-based education center.


The Holter Museum of Art is focused on expanding its reach into the community through avenues that bringing the healing power of art to everyone. The Holter teen programs serve at-risk area youth to help combat the stresses and programs of our community’s teens through Art for Survival and ATAC. The Holter Healing Arts Program partners with St. Peter’s Health to bring free arts education, art supplies, and projects to the medical community to provide holistic healing while address the need for low cost, prescription free alternatives for treating anxiety, depression, and other illnesses.


How we help:

The Holter Healing Arts Program brings free art education, arts supplies, and projects to patients and their families to provide holistic healing for those receiving services in the medical community while also addressing the need for low cost, prescription free alternatives for treating anxiety, depression and other illnesses.

The Healing Arts Program began in 2019 with a partnership with St. Peter’s Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, and West Mont and has been introduced into other healthcare facilities and organizations in Helena such as the Behavioral Unit within St. Peter’s Health, The Friendship Center, and the Florence Crittenton Home. There is no cost to participate in the program, allowing access for low income patients and families.

Research shows that art provides a positive diversion, inspires hope, and contributes to an atmosphere of healing and restoration for kids and adults. In the year that this program has been in operation, the Holter Museum Healing Arts staff and volunteers have received overwhelming feedback from over 2,000 patients, patient families, and medical staff of the benefits this program had to the healing process. Nurses and other medical professionals have observed decreased levels of stress and anxiety in patients and their families and overall improved moods concerning medical diagnoses and healing times. “Depression is not something that I can fix; it is a part of me. Though it is not fixable, it is manageable. The Holter’s Healing Art Program has been deeply helpful…Art is truly necessary for survival.” – Patient at St. Peter’s Health.


See Holter Healing Arts Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBwSAuCWupE&feature=emb_title