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change“Round Up for Montana Shares”


Montana Shares and Van’s Thriftway are kicking off a new fundraiser February 13, 2015. “Round Up for Montana Shares” gives you the option of rounding your bill at checkout to the next whole dollar and having the change go to Montana Shares. If you are shopping at Vans, please tell them you want to “Round Up!” Thank you for helping Montana Shares.


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Montana Shares 27th Charitable Giving Campaign is now underway!

Montana Shares 27th charitable giving campaign for 2014/2015 is now underway! We have raised over $4.9 million for Montana Nonprofits in 26 years!  Our 1st campaign we raised $11,223 for 9 member groups. This last campaign (2013/2014) we raised almost $300,000 for 36 member groups! To view our list of members for the 2014/2015 campaign and to get information on them, check out our member groups tab.

  • The easiest way you can contribute is through your workplace charitable giving campaign and take advantage of convenient payroll deductions. If you already give, consider increasing your donation and/or adding new groups.

  • If you are retired, self-employed or do not have payroll contribution option, you can still support Shares’ members by making a donation online. Use the Give Now tab and you can give a one-time gift or you can set up recurring payments.

  • View or download our brochure. You may print it and mail along with your check.

  • If your workplace doesn’t offer Montana Shares as a charitable giving option give us a call at

    (406) 442-2218.

Workplace Giving campaigns provide employees and managers an opportunity to work together in a major charitable campaign. The campaigns are fun and spirited, with employees from many levels of the company forming a committee and working toward a common goal. The nonprofit organizations you help support can speak to your employees about their programs and the critical role employee donations have to people in their community. Federations like Montana Shares can provide a lot of help in running a campaign.
Studies show that giving through Payroll Deduction is three times more effective than simply writing a check. Why?

First, spreading out your donation over the course of a year allows smaller, more manageable amounts to be taken out of your paycheck; that allows people to give more overall. Second, the money is deducted automatically without the employee ever touching it, so the decision to pledge only needs to be made once a year. Third, it gives employees a stake in their community.

Payroll deduction lets every employee be a Philanthropist!