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PO Box 294
Butte, MT 59703

End pet overpopulation and animal neglect by reducing the number of unwanted animals by offering spay/neuter support so people may continue to care for their pets.


Since 1996, Montana Spay/Neuter Task Force has provided Spay/Neuter care for 66,100 dogs and cats throughout Montana, specifically helping people who could not afford surgery or even to keep their pets otherwise. It is especially important to offer support now, when the economy is so challenging. Shelters are full and this is how we help lower pet overpopulation.

How we help:

Faced with a daunting task, Montana Spay/Neuter Task Force has continued to support communities with Spay/Neuter Funding, as well as starting to get back on the road with events. Along with over 1,100 surgeries, we found some people needing help with vet care. In Deer Lodge, we helped with a dog who needed immediate life saving surgery, and in Bozeman, we have helped pay for some appointments when the owners would otherwise not have been able to see a vet.