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Jeannette Rankin Peace Center focusing on facilitating and supporting the connections and conversations that build nonviolence, social justice, and environmental sustainability.


There are many long-term challenges to the building of a just, non-violent, and sustainable global culture. But each challenge is also an opportunity for each of us personally and all of us collectively. The Jeannette Rankin Peace Center offers us the tools of education, reflection, dialogue, relationship and action to meet that challenge both in times of crisis and in the ongoing work of peacemaking.

How we help:

The Jeannette Rankin Peace Center believes that peace is possible and we are working to help our community BE the change that will make it happen. Dozens of people learn the techniques of nonviolent communication through our classes, lectures and practice groups. And our afterschool youth groups incorporates young people into the learning. We practice social justice by giving people an opportunity to build economic empowerment around the world and locally by buying fair trade and ethically-sourced items. And we are caring for the planet by offering a dish pantry instead of paper and practicing what we preach with zero-waste events. When we hear someone tell us we changed the way they think about an issue or gave them useful skills, we know we are changing the way they will act and that will change the world.