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Providing compassionate, affordable sexual and reproductive healthcare and education to people of all genders, regardless of ability to pay.


Bridgercare serves more patients than any other reproductive healthcare clinic in the state of Montana. Serving people of all genders, the clinic provides reproductive and sexual healthcare on a sliding fee scale. Bridgercare runs a sexual education program that offers medically accurate, culturally competent, and developmentally appropriate information. Throughout the pandemic, Bridgercare has provided and expanded services to ensure that everyone has access to compassionate care through this unprecedented time.

How we help:

When people think about reproductive healthcare and sexual health education, they don’t normally think about cancer. But cancer has touched all of us, and preventing cancer through regular screening is something our Bridgercare providers do every day! Please read these stories to see how YOU make a huge difference in the lives of so many.
“A few years ago, we were teaching anatomy at a local high school. Among other things, we talked about how testicular cancer is the most common cancer in males ages 15-35. We talked about the importance of testicular self-exams and how to do one. I didn’t think I would ever hear more about it.
Except a couple weeks later, I did. It made its way back to me that one of the students went home, did a self-exam and found a lump. A visit to a doctor revealed that it was, in fact, testicular cancer.
I never heard the outcome of the story, but I do know that testicular cancer is highly curable if diagnosed early. Now when I teach about how to do testicular and breast self-exams, I do so with renewed passion, knowing that these simple exams can truly save lives.” – Cami Armijo-Grover, Education Director
“I see patients who are terrified that something is wrong with them – and the culprit is often an entirely normal part of their anatomy. They’ve felt their ribs in their breasts or their cervix and think it’s cancer.
We see patients who don’t have the words to tell us what they’re worried about, simply because so many of us were never taught the right terms for our bodies.
These moments during appointments can be really meaningful. As providers, we can walk people through anatomy, teach how to do self-exams, and answer questions honestly. Nonjudgmental, evidence-based sex ed helps people feel in control of their own bodies and take care of their health, which makes expanding our education program so crucial.” – Susan Dolan, Bridgercare Physician Assistant
Through accessible healthcare and judgment-free education, people are empowered to take control of their future… to experience healthy relationships, to detect cancer early or prevent it altogether, to have families when they are ready, and to chase after their dreams. Thank you for lifting up Bridgercare and our patients across Montana!