PO Box 8791
Missoula, MT  59807


Trust Montana is a statewide community land trust striving to build livable communities by preserving land and homes people can afford.


Home ownership and farm ownership are out of reach for many Montana families. Trust Montana can change that by investing in home ownership and farmland projects to buy down purchase price for Montanans, and stewarding properties long-term to ensure they remain affordable from one buyer to the next. More people benefiting from homes and farms they can afford results in healthier families and increased economic viability.

How we help:

Life often leads us to places that we never expected. Trust Montana has been privileged to be part of many such stories. This story takes a woman from homelessness to home ownership. Within a week of her move, Susan had secured a full-time job paying a few dollars above minimum wage. After receiving a few paychecks, she set out on a housing search. The biggest challenge was that there were no rental properties available in her price range. Susan had a caring family and they continued to provide a home for her as she stayed on their couch. She learned of a housing opportunity, and she put her name on the list. Her patience and perseverance paid off and two years later with the assistance of Trust Montana she purchased her first home on a community land trust property. She has monthly mortgage payments below market rate rentals and with her determination and discipline she is even paying a little extra each month to build additional equity in her home. Trust Montana has gained a shining star and Susan is giving back to the organization as a volunteer.