8 West Lawrence St.
Helena, MT 59601

Queen City Ballet Company contributes to a vibrant culture by providing Helena with professional quality dance productions, trains dance students, and provides scholarships to talented students.

Queen City Ballet Company affords students and the public the experience of high-quality, professional ballets with guest artists, lighting, costumes and sets. QCBC contributes to a vibrant cultural community. A dancer that aspires to a career in ballet can receive the experience and education in the arts to prepare for a career in dance. The Company offers scholarships for performance fees and summer incentives with QCBC.

How we help:

Queen City provides a rigorous and challenging curriculum for even the most gifted of ballerinas; and while my daughter was born with an innate flexibility which enhances her dancing, the same elasticity made other elements of ballet very difficult. My daughter was never the star of the show and often had to watch her friends advance into parts she wasn’t ready for. Yet the teachers at Queen City Ballet were able to individualize and differentiate their instruction to her skill level and develop or adapt roles in performances that capitalized on her grace, flexibility and stage presence.

The emphasis on personal growth and pride in performing any role to the best of one’s ability; as well as the supportive, creative environment kept my daughter engaged and constantly striving to excel. During her senior year she was chosen to perform a solo in the Nutcracker and was presented with Queen City’s highest award. The life-lessons my daughter learned during this journey have given her perseverance, leadership skills, the ability to fail and keep on trying, the ability to be a contributing member of a team, the desire to be the best she can be and the self-confidence to take on any goal, no matter how difficult. By parent of QCBC member.