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Nami Montana continues to educate, advocate and support people with mental illness and their families through grassroots work.


NAMI Montana is dedicated to improving the lives of all of those affected with serious mental illness. We have education classes and ongoing support groups for people with mental illness and their families. The classes provide information on mental illness, treatments, and resources for families and people with mental illness. Support groups help them discover they are not alone in the fight against mental illness.

How we help:
A mother from another state called the NAMI Montana office after her son, who lives in Bozeman MT was arrested after having a psychotic episode.  She was having problems with getting in touch with her son’s psychiatrist or anyone at the jail and no one was calling her back. We helped her navigate the HIPAA confidentiality rules and let her know that she can call with her concerns and advocate for her son, but they are bound by HIPAA and would be unable to tell her anything without permission from her son.  When she called us back, she reported that the police took him to a crisis stabilization house so he would be able to get stabilized instead of keeping him in jail where he would not be able to get better. I encouraged her to talk to her son signing a release of information when he gets stabilized so she can help him. I encouraged her to reach out to NAMI in her area for resources, support and self care.  She agreed to call NAMI Montana if she needed help with finding necessary resources for her son.