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Montana Meth significantly reduces first-time methamphetamine use among Montana’s youth through a campaign of public service messaging, public policy and community action.

Our engagement has never been stronger. Our prevention message is reaching teens and we are the leading, most trusted resource on Meth prevention. Montana counties are reporting increased Meth usage in drug testing and violent crimes. With schools and activities shuttered, Montana teens are vulnerable to Meth use and we have a captive audience consuming our content now more than ever.

How we help:
“Letter to Meth” by Angie
It has only been a few months since I found out that my dad knows you. I must say I never thought you had any opportunities to hang out in our family. I feel foolish for not knowing you were around for over a year and had no idea. My dad was honest about you to me and how you made him feel. Now that I know about you it has been really hard, but I love my dad. He is fighting with you all the time because you want to see him. This is only day 50 and I know how long you could try to stay, but I am asking you to take your mind games back to the poisons that you came from. My dad does not want you here anymore, and neither do I. I forgive my dad for his choices and if you back off he can forgive himself too.
– The Daughter of an Addict