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Bozeman, MT  59717
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Provides educational opportunities for more than 19,000 youth ages 6-19 years and 3,200 adult volunteers throughout the state to learn leadership, citizenship, and life skills.


With nearly 3,200 adult volunteers working with over 19,000 4-H youth in Montana, these volunteers donate well over 200,000 hours in planning and conducting exciting activities.  Economic impact of this volunteer service equals approximately 3 million dollars and is equivalent to over 105 full time staff positions.

 While many organizations concentrate on problems of youth or seek to change their behavior, 4-H embraces positive youth development.  4-H youth are able to identify their interests, set goals, and work with positive adult role models and other young people who share their passion and interests.  Focusing on the strengths and talents of youth, 4-H engages them in a structured system of learning, by setting goals and measuring success.  By challenging kids and providing them with the tools and resources needed, 4-H helps them learn, grow and prosper.


How we help:

A retired successful company President and CEO and former 4-Her says, “4-H took root over a century ago by empowering youth to lead. Lead with confidence and strength, with the curiosity to question and capability to find answers, with the grit to get the job done and humble pride to make sure it’s done right. Most of all, 4-H youth understand that giving back can move an entire community forward. These are the young people that we call True Leaders. And at 4-H, they understand that True Leaders aren’t born, they’re grown.”

A scholarship recipient shares, “Through serving as a youth member on a Project Committee, leading meetings, workshops, and being involved in the revival of the Livestock Judging Project; 4-H has given me countless opportunities to become a better leader and citizen. It has shown me that I can make a difference in my community. Some of my leadership qualities include honesty, integrity, communication skills, and creativity.”