32 S Ewing St, Suite 332
Helena, MT  59601

Through advocacy, education, and stewardship the Friends protect and preserve the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument and its surrounding public lands.


Since our incorporation, the Friends of the Missouri Breaks Monument have stood strong as defenders of the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument and as a voice for conservation in central Montana. We have fought against those who wanted the monument’s protections repealed and have successfully spoken out in support of impactful preservation of Montana’s unique and beautiful Breaks landscape. This year the Friends hope to increase our on-the-ground impact within the boundaries of the Monument to preserve this magnificent landscape for future generations of Americans to enjoy.

How we help:

The Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument and the Friends both turned 20 in 2021, giving us reason to celebrate. The Friends plan to use this moment as a jumping board for our organization to grow our position of power and relevance within Central Montana and on a broader scale. To do so, we will be stepping up our events online and in-person, as well as building relationships with partners in advocacy and educational circles