2110 Johnson Street
Missoula MT  59801

Camp Mak-A-Dream empowers survivors and their families to live with and beyond cancer through life-changing Montana experiences where they strengthen life skills, gain resilience & develop lasting relationships.


What started out as one camp in 1995 for 46 campers has turned into 17 different camps and retreats for up to 800 participants each year. Over the years, as specific needs were identified, we created programming to meet those unique needs, such as our sessions for brain tumor survivors, sessions for siblings (children and teens who aren’t sick themselves but someone in their family has or has passed away from cancer) and long weekend retreats for women with cancer. In 2018, we added a Family Camp and in 2019 we added a Caregiver Retreat. We partner with medical professionals across the country to help identify gaps in services and how Camp Mak-A-Dream might be able to help fill those gaps.

How we help:
Letter from a parent,
“Clair has been cancer free for three years now, but has very vivid memories of huge chunks of time in the hospital, fighting for her life. As a young teen now, she so wants to be like the other kids, just fit in, pretending as if the cancer never ever happened. It was very special for her to be able to meet other kids, like her, who have struggled with cancer. She told me she and her new friends talked about their experiences with chemo, scars, doctor appointments, surgeries, physical limitations – wow- she never talks about that stuff! Camp Mak-A-Dream really helped her realize she is not “alone” as a young cancer survivor, that is not something she needs be embarrassed about. Thank you for all that you do, for Clair and the many other children like her. Even after cancer is gone, healing continues and Camp Mak-A-Dream is a wonderful positive step in that process for these children.”