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Helena, MT 59624

Bike Walk Montana promotes safe cycling, walking, and rolling for transportation and recreation across the State of Montana.


With increasing population in Montana and increasing environmental concerns, it is more important than ever to make active transportation a natural part of our culture and included in any transportation related discussion. Bike Walk Montana is the only statewide organization actively pursuing these goals.

How we help:

Until there is a cultural shift in the way Montanans view non-motorized transportation we will continue to have potentially dangerous situations for those who choose to commute or recreate by walking or biking. Our population is increasing, by almost 100,00 over the last census period. Tourism is also increasing, whether people come here permanently or to visit, they will be using sidewalks, paths, trails, and roads both for recreation and transportation, motorized and non-motorized. BWMT believes this makes our efforts to positively influence the safety of non-motorized transportation more important than ever.
You can support this cultural shift by joining Bike Walk Montana in advocating with your city, county, and state leadership for safer roads, safe passing laws, Safe Routes to School for children, and improved education for all regarding the rules of the road. This will take a “grass roots” effort across the state to let decision makers know your feelings on these issues. No one should feel unsafe biking or walking on Montana roads, shared use paths, or city streets.