Workplace Giving

Workplace is Easy, Simple and Painless for Employers

  • Step One – Set up Liability Account in accounting software to hold the money your deduct from employee paycheck. This takes about 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Step Two – Set up the withholding in each employee record. This is a onetime event for the year. This probably takes 5 minutes for the first one and 3 minutes each for the subsequent employees.
  • Step Three – Have money come out each paycheck automatically. 0 minutes.
  • Step Four – Each pay period, month or quarter, write a check to Montana Shares to clear out the liability account. – 3 or 5 minutes.
  • Step Five – Rinse and repeat through the year.



 2017/2018 What a pledge can buy

The following are suggestions on how your donation might be used by Shares members.

$1.00 per pay period: ($24 – $26)
> Provides enough food for 3 meals. (MFBN)

>Provides biking and walking safety education materials to ten students. (BWMT)

>Will provide 26 youth with free admission for a self-guided tour of our hands-on nature exhibits. (MNHC)

$1.50 per pay period: ($36 – $39)
> Provides legal aid to help a senior obtain lifesaving medications. (MLSA)

$2.00 per pay period: ($48 – $52)
> Suture for approximately 25 surgeries. (MSNTF)

> Buys snacks and supplies for a regional cancer family events. (CSCMT)

> Pays for one educational mailing on wildlife management, public recreation and access. (MWF)

$2.50 per pay period: ($60 – $65)
> Provides printing of early childhood education statistics and outcomes for legislators and stakeholders who make decisions on child care issues. (MCCRRN)

$3.00 per pay period: ($72 – $78)
> Can help cover the cost to purchase a new service dog/puppy. (K9CM)

$4.00 per pay period: ($96 – $104)
> A disability awareness training at a school in your county. (DRM)

> Pays for medicine & vaccine for 6 days. (AM)

$5.00 per pay period: ($120 – $130)
> Buys yarn for the Knitting For Peace group to make community need projects or helps with postage to send knitted goods to those in need. (JRPC)

> Helps send a child from an economically insecure neighborhood to the Audubon Center for a nature-oriented camp for one week in the summer. (MA)

> Supports outdoor adventure opportunities for 10 of Montana’s underserved youth. (MWA)

> We can offset travel for one participant to attend the Montana Watershed Symposium through our scholarship program. (MWCC)

> Provides a screening mammogram for a woman in Montana. (KM)

> Provides fuel assistance to individuals traveling to job interviews and/or food for families traveling to harvest crops. (REO)

> Ensures access to a food pantry for an LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness in a local drop-in center. (PF)

> Allows 2 homeless women from the YWCA to participate for 6 months in the Operation Healing Arts program at the Holter. (HMA)

> Combined with other donations can restore an historic cemetery headstone in Stevensville. (MHF)

> Pays for vaccinations for 12 animals in the shelter. (LCHS)

$6.00 per pay period: ($144 – $156)
> Provides educational books for children detailing life in the early days of Montana. (MRF)

$6.60 per pay period: ($158.40 – $171.60)
> Buys one $85 pair of pointe shoes per company dancer per performance or funds one $85 performance fee scholarship per student per performance. (QCBC)

$7.00 per pay period: ($168 – $182)
> Buys 2 cervical biopsies determine if a woman needs cancer treatment. (BC)

$9.00 per pay period: ($216 – $234)
> One month of radio ads. (MMP)

$10.00 per pay period: ($240 – $260)
> Helps to fix and replace windows and fix the skylights in the museum buildings. (MAIWAH)

> Will purchase nearly 800 pounds of food for hungry residents of North Central Montana. (GFCFB)

> Helps prepare 2 puppies and 4 kittens for adoption including daily care, vaccines, microchip, and spay/neuter. (HOV)

> Provides 104 packets of healthy drink mix for our deployed troops. (MSS)

> Will underwrite the cost of a Montana teen to travel to and attend Montana 4-H Congress, a premier leadership conference in July. (M4HF)

> It is difficult to put a price tag on a child’s smile and laughter….$10 a pay period helps support the Last Chance Community Pow Wow, where we strive to bridge the cultural gap   between our Native American children and Helena community members. (LCCPW)

$13.50 per pay period: ($324 – $351)
> Provide low income seniors Beneficiary Deeds, Declarations of Homestead, or Living Wills (MGJ)

$20.00 per pay period: ($480 – $520)
> Will send one child, teen, young adult or adult affected by cancer to camp Mak-A-Dream for one week. (CMAD)

> Covers part of the costs for one student at Summer Orientation Program for a newly blind person. (MAB)

$22.00 per pay period: ($528 – $572)
> Supplies for cutting and planting of 300 willow cuttings to restore and repair riparian zone on Montana stream. (MTU)

$25.00 per pay period: ($600 – $650)
> A DIY workshop showing how individuals can achieve sustainable energy solutions. (AERO)

$30.00 per pay period: ($720 – $780)
> Provides foreclosure assistance to help a family keep their home. (NWMT)

$38.00 per pay period: ($912 – $988)
> Will give a child facing adversity the opportunity to have a lifelong friendship with a positive role model (mentor). (BBBSMT)