Workplace Giving

Workplace is Easy, Simple and Painless for Employers

  • Step One – Set up Liability Account in accounting software to hold the money your deduct from employee paycheck. This takes about 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Step Two – Set up the withholding in each employee record. This is a onetime event for the year. This probably takes 5 minutes for the first one and 3 minutes each for the subsequent employees.
  • Step Three – Have money come out each paycheck automatically. 0 minutes.
  • Step Four – Each pay period, month or quarter, write a check to Montana Shares to clear out the liability account. – 3 or 5 minutes.
  • Step Five – Rinse and repeat through the year.

Montana Shares 29th Charitable Giving Campaign is now underway!

Montana Shares 29th charitable giving campaign for 2016/2017 is now underway!  We have raised over $5.5 million for Montana Nonprofits in 28 years!  Our 1st campaign we raised $11,223 for 9 member groups. This last campaign (2015/2016) we raised over $297,000 for 40 member groups! To view our list of members for the 2016/2017 campaign and to get information on them, check out our member groups tab.

  • The easiest way you can contribute is through your workplace charitable giving campaign and take advantage of convenient payroll deductions. If you already give, consider increasing your donation and/or adding new groups.
  • If you are retired, self-employed or do not have payroll contribution option, you can still support Shares’ members by making a donation online. Use the Give Now tab and you can give a one-time gift or you can set up recurring payments.
  • View or download our brochure. You may print it and mail along with your check.
  • If your workplace doesn’t offer Montana Shares as a charitable giving option give us a call at (406) 442-2218.

Workplace Giving campaigns provide employees and managers an opportunity to work together in a major charitable campaign. The campaigns are fun and spirited, with employees from many levels of the company forming a committee and working toward a common goal. The nonprofit organizations you help support can speak to your employees about their programs and the critical role employee donations have to people in their community. Federations like Montana Shares can provide a lot of help in running a campaign.
Studies show that giving through Payroll Deduction is three times more effective than simply writing a check. Why?

First, spreading out your donation over the course of a year allows smaller, more manageable amounts to be taken out of your paycheck; that allows people to give more overall. Second, the money is deducted automatically without the employee ever touching it, so the decision to pledge only needs to be made once a year. Third, it gives employees a stake in their community.

Payroll deduction lets every employee be a Philanthropist!



2016/2017 What a pledge can buy

The following are suggestions on how your donation might be used by Shares members.

$1.00 per pay period: ($24 – $26)

> Provides support for social impact programming to help a veteran or homeless woman to rebuild their sense of self worth. (HMA)

> Provides biking and walking safety education materials to fifteen students. (BWMT)

> Provides enough food for 3 meals. (MFBN)

> Provides a backpack, school supplies and/or eyeglasses for a rural child enrolled in summer school. (REO)


$2.00 per pay period: ($48 – $52)

> Pays for one educational mailing on wildlife management, public recreation and access. (MWF)

> Buys snacks and supplies for a regional cancer family events. (CSCMT)

> Suture for approximately 25 surgeries. (MSNTF)

> Provides 156 toothbrushes and cases to send to our troops. (MSS)


$2.50 per pay period: ($60 – $65)

> Provides printing of early childhood education statistics and outcomes for legislators and stakeholders who

make decisions on child care issues. (MCCRRN)

> Pays for guided tour of Mai Wah Museum for a group of 10 students. (MAIWAH)


$3.50 per pay period: ($84 – $91)

> Provides an $85 scholarship to pay the performance fee for a student to participate in a production. (QCBC)


$4.00 per pay period: ($96 – $104)

> Pays for a discussion leader for Hometown Humanities. (HMT)

> Provides $104 worth of legal aid to stop a family from being evicted and homeless (MLSA)

> Covers the cost of a scholarship for low-income or at-risk youth to participate in our Mentor Program

“Inspiring, Motivating, and Reaching Beyond” and attend one of our Digital Media Summer Camps. (MCAT)


$5.00 per pay period: ($120 – $130)

> Will provide one week of half day summer camp for one child. (EXWORKS)

> Will purchase approximately 1,300 pounds of food for hungry Montanans. (GFCFB)

> Buys yarn for the Knitting For Peace group to make community need projects or helps with postage to send

knitted goods to those in need. (JRPC)

> Provides a screening mammogram for a woman in Montana. (KM)

> Pays for vaccinations for 12 animals in the shelter. (LCHS)

> Will provide funds for a local club to build and donate wheelchair accessible garden boxes for the local

senior home. (M4HF)

> Provides food for a day to support a 10-person volunteer trail crew on the Continental Divide Trail. (MWA)

> Helps send a child from a economically insecure neighborhood to the Audubon Center for a nature-oriented

camp for one week in the summer. (MA)

> Ensures access to a food pantry for an LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness in a local drop-in center.


> We can offset travel for one participant to attend the Montana Watershed Symposium through our

scholarship program. (MWCC)


$7.00 per pay period: ($168 – $182)

> Buys 2 biopsies of abnormal cells on the cervix to determine if they are malignant or cancerous. (BC)

> Funds spay and neuter surgeries for ONE WEEK (AM)


$8.00 per pay period: ($192 – $208)

> Sponsor a person with a mental illness to attend a legal rights training. (DRM)


$10.00 per pay period: ($240 – $260)

> It is difficult to put a price tag on a child’s smile and laughter….$10 a pay period helps support the Last

Chance Community Pow Wow, where we strive to bridge the cultural gap between our Native American

children and Helena community members. (LCCPW)

> Will help sponsor an alcohol-free event so kids have a safe and fun place to “hang out”. (YCF)

> Will help prepare 2 puppies and 4 kittens for adoption including daily care, vaccines, microchip, and

spay/neuter. (HOV)

> Provides homebuyer education to a family. (NWMT)


$20.00 per pay period: ($480 – $520)

> Will send one child, teen, young adult or adult affected by cancer to camp Mak-A-Dream for one week.


> Covers part of the costs for one student at Summer Orientation Program for a newly blind person. (MAB)


$22.00 per pay period: ($528 – $572)

> Supplies for cutting and planting of 300 willow cuttings to restore and repair riparian zone on Montana

stream. (MTU)


$25.00 per pay period: ($600 – $650)

> A DIY workshop showing how individuals can achieve sustainable energy solutions. (AERO)


$38.00 per pay period: ($912 – $988)

> Will give a child facing adversity the opportunity  to have a lifelong friendship with a positive role model

(mentor). (BBBSMT)


$41.00 per pay period: ($984 – $1066)

> Pays for one 30-second online commercial for one month. (MMP)